Friday, August 14, 2009

Dakotah's Preschool Graduation

The Little Graduate
Miss Caroline and Grace

The preschool class

Ariel and Miss Caroline

Ayianna and Miss Caroline

Dakotah and Miss Candace

Dakotah and Ariel

Paige and Trista were doing fine until they looked out and saw how many parents were in the they "graduated" while sitting on Mommy Debbie's knee!

Dakotah and Auntie YaYa

The party afterwards..yum yum
And last but certainly not least Princess Belle, who is Ariel's sister.
Jaime has adored Belle almost all their

I have been very neglectful of my blog this summer. Time just seems to rush by and of course we had a bit of nice weather which tends to make me want to be outside more. Actually being outside became a necessity when we hit record breaking temperatures. For several days in a row it was well over a hundred degrees on my lanai. But that is a distant memory now as we have spent the last week or more in our usual mix of cloud, showers and the occasional sunny break. Today it is very grey and yucky outside and I actually had my jacket on when I was outside earlier. I have my fingers crossed that this is not the start of winter and 10 months of inclement weather!

I am going to go back and start posting some photos and events from the past couple of months. Mid June Dakotah graduated from preschool. A big occasion for a five year old and she was very pleased when both her Mother and Father were able to get time off of work to come and then really surprised when Auntie YaYa came too!

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