Monday, August 17, 2009

Our trip to the beach August 16, 2009

Orchids! so pretty!
Papa and Dakotah in the Pacific Ocean
The water is warm coming over the sandbars!

Seashells, seashells, by the seashore....

Making the best sand castle
Takes lots of muscles to get it just right!

Lots of nice, wet, slimy seaweed to decorate it with!

a little water to glue it all together!

Hmmmm...just about right...

Time to go...but comes the train! Guess we have to wait a bit!

it was a loonnngggg train!!! knew we should have put more money in the parking meter!!

Finally we are across the tracks and now going through Semiahmoo Reserve Park to get to the truck! Look at the size of the tree trunks, these are very old trees! And A lovely day was had by all!


Drawn to The Sea said...

So sweet. I'll bet she'll remember that day forever & ever.

Pleasant weekend,

Donna said...

Too bad you didn't stay there long enough, Linda. But it's okay 'cause Dakotah looked like she had tons of fun making the seaweed and sand castle. We've never had a brief beach trip, actually. Whenever we have a Panama City Beach vacation, rentals usually take five days. Well, you can't blame us for overstaying because it's just too fun there. The snorkeling, boat rides, and parasailing are enough to keep us busy. And topping that are the Panama City Beach vacation rentals themselves. They're almost addictive to stay in!