Saturday, February 6, 2010


Kalani's Mommy, Nicci, is on the right and her best friend Sarah is on the left. Sarah is also expecting and she is having a boy too so Kalani will have a playmate close by when the babies get a little older! This photo is from Kalani and Nicci's baby shower last Sunday. seems I was really falling behind...I posted pictures of the babies birth but never came back to update with his official name

Here he is with Papa supervising as Jaime holds his baby brother and Dakotah and Molly the dog look on. Jaime seems to be loving being a big brother and he has always been very fond of babies and seems happy to have one of his own living at his house.

And here he is, without further adieu, Kalani Tevita. My husband is Polynesian and my kids were born in Hawaii so my son and daughter in law went searching for a name that would reflect this precious little guy's heritage. It took several days and lots of research to come up with something they liked. Kalani is Polynesian for, The heaven, sky. Tevita is Tongan for David and was chosen as it is the name of my son's Uncle in Tonga and my husband says this baby is the spitting imagine of his brother when he was of a similar age. So baby Three got his name and we think it suits him with his oodles of dark Polynesian type hair, his dark brown eyes and his skin tone.

Next we have two of Kalani's great grandmothers...this little guy is so lucky to have three great Grandmothers. Rita in white is Nicci's grandma, Mabel in pink is James Grandma and missing from the photo is Mele in Tonga whom I am sure would love to be here to welcome and cuddle the new addition too if she could be!


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Everyone except the new baby's mom. :) Such sweet photos.

Linda said...

OK are right!!! She doesn't usually like her photos but I have a good one from last Sunday at her shower so just for you, I added it!!

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Oh good because when I saw that picture today I thought I must have missed it the other day. I was starting to worry about myself.

I think that's true about antibiotics in this country too now. They don't give them right away. I used to count on the antibiotics so they'd stop being fussy. One of my kids had a cold when he was two weeks old, but it never turned into anything worse. I hope and pray your babies get well quickly.

Loretta said...

Adorable photos, Linda; what a cute little family. It doesn't bode well that they are sick already! Is Nicci breastfeeding? Matthew didn't get a cold until 9 months old. But he was child # 1 and didn't have all those germs from other toddlers. I hope the poor little baby gets well soon. Please keep us updated.