Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day!

If she were still alive, my Grandma would be 113 years old today! It is odd because I haven't really thought of this as she has been gone for many, many years and all of a sudden out of the blue this came into my head. I think it is because of the 13 in her age. You see 13 was my other Grandma's favorite number and mine also. My other Grandma was born on May 13, I was married on Friday March 13 and my nephew was born on May 13. It is a good day in our family! But I digress, today would be my Grandma Lottie Scott's birthday. I goggled her and found by the 1916 census, she was actually born in 1897 and not the 1898 she had always claimed. In 1916 she was living in Saskatchewan. I never knew she lived there! By the time my Dad was born she was living where we live now. I knew she was born in Iron Mountain Michigan as was my other grandmother but at some point the family migrated north. My grandma always hated having her birthday on Valentine's Day. It really upset her for all the time I knew her. I could relate in a way as my birthday is near Christmas and it is not fun to share your birthday with another occasion. Even many years ago there were greeting cards that said "Happy Valentine Birthday" and my Grandma hated those cards most of all! I remember telling her that sounded special but she didn't buy into that on this Valentines Day I will say Happy Birthday Gammie! She was an excellent seamstress, loved dolls as much as I do and sewed doll clothes. I wonder if my love of dolls is genetic? My other grandma also had a passion for dolls and sewed and knitted for them. I had the best dressed dolls in town when I was a child!


Betty said...

Linda, my maternal grandmother Lou Bailey Briggs Cummins was also born on Valentines Day in 1897. How about that. She was born in Tennessee and migrated to Idaho where she married my grandfather and had my mother in 1922. My mother then found her way to New York and married my father in 1942.

Happy Valentines Day !!


Shelley said...

Happy to find your blog...I am a doll collector as well....come see me...I am following you so I will come back often....blessings
A great story about your grandmother..thanks for sharing...