Monday, February 22, 2010


I purchased this cup at Wal-mart but it is an official Olympic cup. Eagle eye Loretta had found one at the Olympic store on a Wednesday prior to the Olympics and when we went down on the Saturday they were all gone!! I am very tenacious and decided they had to be somewhere else and so I checked the Olympic department at Wal-Mart and they had a few! It is the nicest mug I have seen featuring the Olympic mascots and with graphics all around the cup. To the right are Olympic pins. Waaayyy back last summer at our agricultural summer fair called the PNE, there was an Olympic tent set up to encourage us to get pumped the Olympics were coming. The venue was very quiet and very few people were there. They had a few events set up there and if you were successful at shooting or one of the other activities, they gave you an Olympic lottery ticket and a packet containing a pin. I came home with three pins I believe and three winning lottery tickets...they were scratch and win and I think I won about 14.00. Anyways, to complete the set you need five different pins. A few weeks ago local lottery ticket vendors started giving out the pin packets when you buy a certain amount of lottery tickets so hubby has been handing over the pins to me and I finally have a complete five pin set!!
When we were at the torch ceremony locally, Coke was handing out all kinds of freebies. The little coke bottles were issued to commemorate the torch ceremony and bear the torch symbol on it and the Olympic logos as they are an official sponsor. The interesting thing about these cute little bottles is that they are metal and have some sort of cushioned lining in them, I drank mine and will save the bottles. My son says he is never drinking his and keeping them intact. The flags behind were being given out by coke and are some of the nicest free ones I have seen handed out.

One of our athletes, Kristina Groves, won a silver medal at speed skating today to add to her bronze medal last week. She has two more events this week and hopes to win a gold and have a matching set of medals! Go Kristina Go!! In honor of her here is a picture of my Chatty speed far she hasn't won a medal but don't count her out yet! The Chatty games have yet to begin!!

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Loretta said...

Yay! You got a complete set of pins! I don't know where I put mine...LOL I love your Chatty photo!