Friday, February 5, 2010


Well, it is hard to believe but the 2010 Olympics are on their countdown to begin. Next week at this time they will have started. I bought Dakotah this lovely fleece blanket at the Olympic store downtown and gave it to her for her birthday so that she will have a nice souvenir of the games.

It says Vancouver 2010 along the top and is backed with lovely pink fleece. This mascot is Miga. On Tuesday the Olympic torch will arrive in my city. There is going to be a short ceremony at Queen's Park before the runners take off with it. I hope to go but wonder if I will find parking. I hear it is supposed to be dry which would be nice. the Olympic Village...

there is quite the controversy going on as the Australian athletes brought along a flag of the cutest boxing kangaroo. And they have hung it out the window. Apparently the flag originally flew on the mast of a sail boat that was the winning boat in the 1983 America's Cup Yacht Race. The IOC apparently wants it gone and there are a few protests going on. Other countries are now also flying flags off of the side of the buildings also, in support of the Australian's. Mayors from various local cities are offering to fly the Australian Kangaroo Flag in their cities for the Australians if the IOC orders it removed. The mayor of Vancouver says he doesn't see the problem with the flag but the IOC seems to have problems with so many things.... And local flag shops are rushing to make replica's of the flag (I heard in a news report) so others can show support as well. The Australian contingent has said they will remove the flag if the IOC orders it...but it should be noted it has apparently been flown at other far no final ruling has come down.
(I think it is kind of cute myself...LOL)

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