Saturday, February 6, 2010

Healthcare sucks

I am about to rant...prepare yourselves this isn't pretty. Jaime has been sick with a cold for three weeks. Kalani the new baby got it at a week old. He has been sick with this for 3/4 of his little life as he is 4 weeks old today. The doctors say it is viral. Nicci had both boys back at the doctor on Thursday and was once again told it is viral but their lungs are clear. Thursday night Jaime woke up screaming in pain. They rushed him to emergency and gee...seems he has a very bad ear infection. He was put on antibiotics and 24 hours later he is fine...viral???? I am so sick of this lame diagnosis and I am so sick of their antibiotic resistance garbage and "not all bugs need drugs slogans." Kalani is not getting better so this afternoon Nicci took him to a paediatric clinic (in Canada children cannot be seen by paediatricians without a referral unless they go to this particular clinic). So she takes him to the clinic and was sent immediately to Children's Hospital. This poor baby is now on oxygen and has been admitted and given medication. Do children have to be critically ill before medication is given in this country? This is a crazy world we live in. All prayers gratefully received while these babies try and fight to get well.


Loretta said...

Linda, this is just ghastly. How absolutely dreadful. I will not comment on the health system, but it would be better to put money there instead of the Olympics or outside the country in various wars that are currently going on. I'm a very firm believer in helping your OWN country first. I think we are going backwards and I fear for the future. I hope and pray little Kilani will be OK!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda:
Yes, I have always had a good time in the hospitals, BUT it sure would have been better not to have picked up my infection after my surgery. I would have done so well. I asked my doctor why he didn't give me antibiotics before the surgery which many patients do get and he said 'oh, the infection rate at burnaby hospital is only 5% = those were my cheering words. People complain in the newspapers with horror stories, then other people reply with their great stories, what it comes down to is everyone who lives is so happy they can't really see it in themselves to complain. what i would like to do is take over one hospital and run just the cleaning dept. for a year. just to prove it can be clean. someone needs to go out there and prove these things can be done. Prayers for the little ones are going up, stay strong in all the mess.
Love, Leona