Sunday, February 28, 2010


photo by Jean Levac Canwest of our goalie Roberto Luongo!
Could anything be more exciting than the above? Canada took the gold medal in the hockey game with Team USA!!! The final score was 3 -2 in overtime. Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal! Congratulations Team Canada! The photo above was taken by Shaun Best for the Vancouver Sun newspaper.

It suddenly dawned on me that the cauldron's light will be going out tonight and Dakotah hasn't seen it! So, I decided to take a chance and try and get her to it while the gold medal hockey game was on. We had a very quick trip because, win or lose, the downtown area is going to be a nightmare once the game is over. Half way to downtown, I called Robert, Loretta's hubby to make sure I knew where I was going. Of course I did NOT....I have mentioned before how directionally challenged I am. Luckily he was home and gave me good directions to get out of the Skytrain station at the correct stop. Of course being me, I still had to ask a couple of policemen along the way to find the actual cauldron!!

I believe the hotel these beautiful flowers are in front of is called The Fairmont on Georgia Street. It is a classy hotel with doormen out front!

And here she is in front of the cauldron. I explained to her the torch fire we saw earlier this month is now inside this cauldron. I am not sure she understood but will one day!

Eagle street art.

More changes at the cauldron. The lower chain link fence has now been replaced with Plexiglas. By the time it is time to end, they will have it figured out right!!!

Look how grey the sky is! It looked like rain but this is Vancouver...wait a few minutes and everything changes! The sun is now out and shining brightly!

Don't ask...I have no idea what or who this electronic voiced person is but he was posing for pictures

He is wearing a Canadian Flag as a cape...hard to see in this photo though.

Now this was just way too cool. The Russians and the photographers arrived and voila, a Kodak moment presented itself if you were in the right place! They are taking photos for the next winter games in Sochi in 2014!!

The costumes they were wearing were incredible!! And then they were gone, just like that!

Dakotah signed the guest book at Canada Place which will be preserved forever apparently! She filled the entire form out herself! I was impressed with her skills using the electronic touch keyboard thing....

And here is her submission!

The Olympic rings in the Harbor. I didn't see them last time!

More Fairmont Hotel flowers!

More street art!

These are on the Skytrain. Dakotah doesn't ever remember being on it before although she says Mommy said she was on it and asleep when she was a baby so this was a great adventure for her! Note how empty it is...I bet the line ups are huge now. We rushed to get out of the city before the hockey game ended and the crowds spilled onto the streets!! We made it home in time to see Canada win the gold just before the overtime started!

The daffodils are blooming by our Skytrain station now!

Go Canada Go!

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Loretta said...

Linda, the pictures are priceless. I'm glad Dakotah got there in time! When R said why you had called, I couldn't believe it! We were actually at a friend's house watching the game. We got really loud when Canada won in overtime. That was quite intense. I cried when the flame went out tonight...sniff...sniff...It's been quite an interesting 2 weeks.