Friday, October 14, 2011


One evening there was a gathering for all of the Bleuette collectors. Agnes Sura hosted and gave a presentation. All photos below were taken at UFDC Annual Convention in Anaheim in July 2011
 Agnes, Gael and Admiral Claire
 Gael and Nicki admniring Loretta's new Jumeau that she bought from Sylvie Bravot of France
 Me, Gael and AnneLise
 Christine and Loretta
 Nicki's beautiful little Premiere Bleuette named Virginie
 Cindy, Vickie and Loretta
 Ann and her sweet little Bleuette dressed as Minnie Mouse
 Ann, AnneLise, Nicki and Gael
 Admiral Claire doing her best Admiral pose
 Admiral Claire and I
 Marie and her sweet little blue Marianna...if you look closely her little Bleu is dressed similar to herself and she said her granddaughter also has a similar matching outfit..too cute!
 Loretta and Claire
More Minnie Mouse Bleuettes

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