Sunday, October 9, 2011


Everyone is a kid again applies big time in Disneyland and on day two of our fabulous trip we hit the park using day one of our 3 day passes. The pictures didn't go in in order and I am getting tired of trying to move then into the right positions so will just work with how they inserted.

This photo is from later in the day and should be at the bottom...but pretty anyhow!

The tea cup ride at dark, the thought of spinning wildly round and round in these didn't appeal to us so we just took pictures!
Everyday in the park there are dozens of photographers running around with fabulous cameras taking pictures of guests having fun. All those thousands and thousands of photos are then sent to Florida if you can believe it and they are edited and using the best photos of the day taken by the photographers they make up a montage and each night they do a show with lights and things on the facade of it's a small world and they use the best photos of the day in their nightly show. Well, we were sitting on a wall watching the show when all of a sudden we were part of the show, the photographer had taken a photo of Loretta and I and both of our Bleuette dolls in their Minnie Mouse ears and we thought we must be seeing things as the picture they took was in the show!! I have a copy of that photo as of course we had to go and buy it as we were famous for a brief little interlude...we were quite thrilled to have been included.

This strawberry delicacy is offered for dessert in the Plaza Restaurant, Loretta and Robert shared one following dinner

This is taken in front of the main gates. Loretta heard a rumor that these gates are going to be done away with soon so we wanted pictures to remember what was

The pictures are out of order but we took our little Bleuettes in their Minnie Mouse dresses into the park and took many, many photos of them. Not too sure what the other guests thought but we did have a lot of folks wondering what we were doing. After many years of toting various dolls around for photo shoots for our various doll groups to enjoy, we are getting fairly good at tuning out the folks who tend to gawk and wonder what we are

We had lunch in Critter Country at the Hungry Bear and I couldn't resist buying this to share. It was very sweet and very cute, they come up with the cutest deserts in the park.

Here is my Madeline in front of the rivers of America with the canoes behind her.

In New Orleans we were fortunate to run into one of the jazz musicians who graciously allowed us to take a photo with him and he gave us both Mardi Gras beads.

This is our traditional photo, each time we come we take a picture on these stairs in New Orleans Square. It is such a pretty backdrop and in a quiet out of the way place.

At the end of Main Street there was a vendor felling fancy ice cream bars. Madeline just had to get her photo taken in this pretty location.

This photo is in the concourse between the two parks, the pink flowering tree was just gorgeous!
These are the Anaheim transportation system (ART) shuttle buses that run you all over the resort. I believe the passes are currently 4 dollars a day for unlimited trips to wherever they go...the trick is that you have to go to the park on one and then transfer to another one going to the location you are trying to get to so it gets a bit tricky but quite a clever system.

Madeline and Yvette Marie pose in front of a flower display that matches their dresses!

The Tiki Room and show has become another of our traditions when we come to the days when it was invented it was very state of the art, of course now it isn't considered so but the animatronics always amuse us and we love the show.
Dole whips are another of our favorite treats in the park and here Loretta is enjoying hers while waiting for the show to begin...yes the show is still funny....
Here Madeline is waiting for her very first Dole whip...she loved it...

And here, at the end of a very busy day, Madeline finally got her Mickey Mouse ears and a new Minnie Mouse stuffed toy. What a fun day!

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Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Looks like fun! Did you make the doll dresses before you went?