Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Now I know I said that one more post would do it for my summer series however....after the convention banquet was over...not terribly late....we raced to our rooms, got changed, made it back to the street just as a bus to the park arrived, got on that bus and I bet we were in that park 20 minutes after we left the ballroom....Robert had spent the evening there while we were at the banquet so Loretta phoned him and told him we were on our way back...we just couldn't not go...my name is Linda and I am a Disneyaholic...

finally a ride that didn't break down or have to be evacuated!

Goodby Walt, goodby Mickey!

The clock on Main Street says the park is now closed
Goodbye Disneyland, till we meet again!

Goodbye convention, it was the trip of a lifetime!

Goodbye Anaheim Hilton, we had a wonderful time...wish we could have spent more time in those fabulous pools!

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