Monday, October 17, 2011


On Friday, the last day of the convention, we decided to use our last pass to Disneyland, we had three day passes and it was so hard to fit them in, who would have guessed.... We started very early in the day so there wouldn't be line ups and we wanted to have Breakfast at the Riverbelle Terrace which is another place we enjoy eating at.

 We had some issues with rides this trip, one night we did the Jungle River boat ride...backwards in the dark...some kind of "incident" had happened. They gave us fast passes when we eventually were able to get off. We used one to go on Snow White early this particular morning...we were a few seconds into the ride and the ride stopped, the lights came on and eventually they walked us out. When we got outside, the area was surrounded by security and roped off and there were sniffer dogs entering the one ride. An entire section had been shut down. Of course being Disney you will never know what happened but they were looking for something and once again we were taken off a ride before it was completed!!

 our favorite breakfast at the Riverbelle Terrace.

 I took my fast pass from the earlier ride evacuation and crossed to Disney's California Adventure where I did the single rider option and went on Soaring over California which is one of my favorite rides and then I went hunting for the new Ariel ride. As we were on a tight schedule due to the banquet at convention, I used the fast pass and rode the Ariel ride so I could tell my granddaughter what it is like as Ariel has always been her favorite princess. In pubic she feels she is too old for princesses at the ripe old age of seven however in private she still loves them.

 Coming next summer is the new Cars ride, California Adventure Park is coming into it's own with many great new rides and attractions
 These things are in the area "It's a Bugs Life" which is a very cute area for the smaller crowd.

 Even the flowers in this area are different than the run of the mill ones you see in other areas, these ones were pretty neat looking in person.

now you might think this was goodbye Disneyland but tune in tomorrow....

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