Thursday, October 13, 2011


This post is going to highlight some of the fabulous items that were entered into the competitive exhibits. We stood in line and received a time to take pictures of these special exhibits. Photos were taken at the UFDC Annual Convention in Anaheim in July of 2011. These were some of my favorite entries.

 I had that Barbie babysitter outfit when I was young and I think the baby from it is still around here somewhere.
 So many Shirley Temple dolls!
 The Snow White Paper doll set was entered by Gael of the Bleuette sewing group and she won a blue ribbon!
 These two sets of paper dolls were also entered by Gael and they are of her Admiral Claire and her wardrobe. Gael has made many if not all of these outfits for Admiral Claire in cloth. Gael won another blue ribbon for this entry.

 This gorgeous blue ribbon winner was entered by AnneLise of the bleuette sewing group! There are thousands of tiny beads hand sewn onto the outfit. AnneLise sells her own special patterns she has drafted herself on Ebay under the seller name of Londonberries. Check her out if you sew in Bleuette scale, her patterns are fabulous.

This Simon and Halbig doll didn't photograph as beautiful as she is in person. She just captivated me and for some reason reminds me of a Maypole dancer.

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