Sunday, October 16, 2011


Friday evening the convention wrapped up with a banquet for all the members who had bought a full registration to the convention. The pictures below were taken at UFDC Anual convention in Anaheim in July 2011.

 Robinette arrived in our room before the banquet with her Maman and she had a gift, a lovely party hat that her Maman had found in the salesroom and then later she had run into the lady who sold it to her in the elevator and she gave her a leftover one and told her she could give it to her friend. We were so happy to have the pretty pink party hat and just at the right time as we were wearing our new party dresses for the banquet!

 Aren't we just picture perfect for a banquet?
 Robinette models her hat while she looks through the darling Disney bag that Tante Christine had given to each of us at the table. Alas there were lots of gifts but no one had told Maman or Tante Loretta to bring gifts so they weren't prepared at all.
 Loretta, Marie, Mary and their girls.
 We sat at table 98. The tiny little doll on the Christmas centerpiece is Andre, he is the companion doll to the one we received at the banquet and was for sale sperately. Pay close attention to the centerpiece because there is a surprise at the end!
 Marianna is admring the centerpiece while AnneLise's pretty model in her blue ribbon dress shows us all the tiny beads her Maman sewed onto her outfit.
 The first course arrived, we weren't too very sure what it was but it sure tasted good!
 Between courses we played and met all the other Bleuettes at the party.
 This very beautiful dress is another of the creations sold at Sylvie Bravots booth at the Rowbear sale. She has a website if anyone wants to look at her lovely things.

 The main course arrived. It was very good.
 Group picture!
 The final course arrived and it was very fancy!
 We are so excited because everyone at each table received a number and then the MC at the front announced which number they drew and if you had that number you won the centerpiece and got to take it home and oh my, my Maman won it!!! Luckily it was able to be taken apart and stored in the box below for transport and I helped Maman put it back together when we got home. Isn't it cute?
 The doll given out at the banquet for all the members attending was a big surprise and not unveiled until the night of the banquet. She is named Aimee by Darlene Lane and she is about 5 inches tall, see her picture below, she is darling.

 Marie and my Maman and Marianna and I
 Loretta and Ann
Marie and Loretta and Marianna and Robinette

And that was our trip to our first ever convention of any kind, we had such a good time and had no idea we would be so busy all the time but gosh it was fun....Maman has one more post to do to wrap up the summer vacation series, our last day at Disneyland. 

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