Saturday, October 15, 2011


Most of the photos in the post are from the UFDC Convention in Anaheim in July 2011.

 The last day of the Rowbear doll show and of course we had to make a final trek back
 Loretta purchased one of these beautiful vinyl dolls that were on sale for a really good price.
 This lovely lady is Carol Hanson and she makes beautiful dolls, The one in my hands came home with me. She had beautiful 18 inch Daisy dolls with the prettiest faces but we didn't have room for larger dolls to come home with us at this point.
 This very sweet lady is named Jennie Sykes and she is from Wisconsin and she too makes gorgeous dolls. I went and visited this doll every time I was in the sales room and when she was still there on the last day, I figured it must mean she was waiting for me.
 Marie and Mary joined us for dinner one night at the Overlander Stage Restaurant at the Sheraton Park hotel, we really enjoy this restaurant when we visit Anaheim.
 One night there was a Publisher's Preview night and many of the magazine sales people and book sellers were there to take orders and give out samples of their publications in some cases. Samy Odin signed the book I bought that he wrote. It is a beautiful book.
 Our bleuettes were invited to a PJ party in Claire's room one night. Yvette Marie arrived with her suitcase with her jammies inside.
 The girls spent some time bonding and playing cards and giggling a lot. Ginny joined in as well.
 Loretta brought along her brand new Bambinos to show everyone. They were made by Dawn's dolls and are just adorable.
 Gael picked up her winning exhibits and brought them to the salesroom because it was closing for the final time and in the picture below...20 minutes after closing...are the Bleuette Sewing group members buying their last bits of fabrics and trims from one of the European sellers.
Melissa, AnneLise, Gael and Loretta

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