Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can It Possibly Be the Beginning Of The Week Again?

I am not sure why the hours on the weekends go so quickly and are gone in the blink of an eye while the weekdays seem to last forever. Funny how that works. I had an eventful weekend. The heavy rain on Saturday came and the ground was wet and deep with the falling rains. THEN....all of a sudden the rain looked a bit thick...and the next thing I knew it was WHITE...oh no...it just couldn't be...but I did not panic...despite the fact I had taken my Mom to Wal-Mart to shop..nope...no panic there...even though I had the truck...I was confident it wasn't going anywhere. I mean how could it? There was so much water on the ground it couldn't possibly amount to anything to worry about...Ummmm...wrong...we headed back across the bridge and discussed dining options..and settled on IHOP as their food is good and it is close to my Mom's place. Well, our end of town wasn't bad, the snow was falling but like I mentioned it was wet on the streets so nothing was covered. As I headed east, I couldn't help noticing cars with snow on them...lots of snow on them and briefly wondered if they had been up a mountain...apparently not..sigh..the closer we got to Mom's the more snow was accumulating and by the time we got to the library the street was covering. I started to get nervous as I am not a snow driver. By the time we got to 5th street and turned to go up to IHOP, I slid on the corner, the street was fully covered and I went into extreme panic and scared mode. IHOP was definately out of the question at this point. Right now all I could think of was home...so I told Mom I had to drop her fast and get to my end of town and the hills...in the TRUCK. We called my brother and he came down and grabbed her groceries and I headed for home. By now I am a nervous mess of quivering jelly. I headed for 8th avenue as the hills would not be so bad when I hit the other end of town. Luckily for me, the snow was not as bad on the roads at my end of town. I managed to get the car all the way to the drive way and parked..what a relief...but of course now I am home and no dinner. Anyways, hubby said no problem, if we take the car and go to McDonalds we will be ok. So off we go. Me thinking how insane this probably is. To my amazement there was no snow down there...none, nada, none. We had dinner such as it was and headed home. Later that night I decided in all my wisdom to take down the Christmas tree. It took me forever, it seemed. But it is all down and put away now. Each year it seems to be more work to get up and down...again it must be because "I am sooo old" as Dakotah is fond of reminding me!
Sunday the roads were clear and we finally go to go out with James family for my birthday dinner. We went to the Swiss Chalet. We had a nice time and they brought flowers and sweet cards for me. The kids had a good time and enjoyed it. Dakotah wanted a cake but we explained we had dessert with dinner so were not doing a cake this year. She wasn't too happy about that but accepted it. She came home with us and spent the night.

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Loretta said...

Your snow experiences are interesting to read about. You won't run out of things to blog about as long as you've got the weather and Dakotah. LOL I raked the snow today, so it would melt faster. (I kid you not)