Saturday, January 31, 2009

HO HO HO are reading that right...Christmas in these parts just never seems to we got into something we never quite got around to at Christmas....there just seems to be too much to do and not enough time to get it done during that time period so today we made our gingerbread house. I have to say, things sure have come a long ways since my boys were young. The first (and actually only other) one I made came in a box...a big box...with pieces of cardboard you cut out for use once you baked the gingerbread yourself on cookie sheets, let it cool a bit and then laid the templates on it and hoped to heck you didn't mess up with the paring knife you were laboriously cutting around the bits of cardboard with. And that house was huge...and very labor intensive. By the time I got the entire thing together we decided it was too pretty to eat and instead we boxed it up after Christmas and kept it around for years... Our local IHOP had one they recycled year after year so why couldn't we?? Anyways, back to today's house, it came in a box from our local Michael's and was prebaked pieces....much easier! Only took us most of the day what with waiting for pieces to set and dry. We finally got it assembled about 9:30 tonight and Dakotah is happy with it!!

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Loretta said...

Linda and Dakotah! Your little gingerbread house is just darling. What's more, it tastes very good. Matthe broke ours with his fist, and took nearly all of it home to his friends. I ate a piece dipped in coffee, as it's very, very HARD! I'm glad you finally made yours. You did a great job!!!