Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

I don't seem be be talking much anymore to real people and am wondering if the blog is going to isolate me further than I always have been...thoughts to ponder.
I had a big day today, I had my doctors apt at 8 am and unfortunately I am still nowhere near healed. I have started yet another round of even stronger and much more expensive antibiotics. I have been semi comatose since ingesting them and need to go to bed shortly although I have been prone on the couch all night dozing. The day was very busy and Jaime only having slept 4 hours on Tuesday night really put a dent in his behavior and humor. It was a tough and busy day but hopefully the new meds will kick in and i can start to feel better. Dakotah has gone home tonight, i am exhausted and could not manage another night with her in residence.and still no luck finding rain boots...sigh...who would have guessed this would be such an involved project!

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Loretta said...

I'm so sorry you are sick. It took me 2 solid weeks to get rid of my cough. Illnesses are scary now...they don't leave! I don't think the blog should isolate you; I've been getting lots of comments from old friends who are re-discovering me. Yee haw! I like this better than facebook. Get well soon!!! We need to have our Chatty tea!