Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SNOW FALL...the sequel

I am just blogging here briefly to note that the title above was the words of the weather man on the 6 o'clock news...I am no longer fond of weathermen...and when I took the dogs out after they ate awhile ago, much to my dismay it has started...sigh... They did say this snow fall is going to be "west coast" style and supposed to warm up and turn to rain by noonish and be gone in a couple of days but after all the wrong reports in the last 45 days...umm...I am skeptical.... I heard on the news tonight apparently December fell something like a millimeter short of being the snowiest December on record however it does hold the record for the most snow on Christmas itself. We are also breaking a record for the most snow on the ground at a stretch..I can't remember if they said 43 or 45 days with snow on the ground... and we have now hit the record for the second foggiest January on record...these kind of records I could do without!! Now I must go and haul a little girl who is getting heavier all the time down to bed...she is sleeping on her couch in the living room currently... I am making this post "red" like the colors on the weather chart I saw earlier!!

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Loretta said...

Linda, at least we can commiserate together. This time the snow isn't affecting me. I'm finally numb! Plus I'm going to a Christmas lunch at Leona's today, so I have something to look forward to! She still has her tree up. Christmas just doesn't end here. LOL