Saturday, January 31, 2009


At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, I will explain why I do not have a pretty picture at the top of my post tonight....computers are not my strong suit. I have my one photo card full. I have downloaded them to my computer but I am afraid to erase them as I do not know how to back up the computer nor the pictures. I came up with the great idea of just burning the photo card to a I loaded all the pictures to somewhere and attempted to transfer them to the CD and it says the file is too large. So I went through and deleted images with half a head, limbs missing etc and still too much to copy. I am too technically challenged to figure out how to either do it on more than one CD or how to take some off...sigh....and I am not very trusting of technology and live in fear of my images being gone forever. So, my photo card is full. I have another but need to find it.

I have had a couple of great photo opportunities in the last couple of is always the case when you don't have the camera with you. I went to Safeway yesterday to pick up an RX and you have to walk through the floral department to get to the pharmacy. Well, the smell just about knocked me over as I rounded the corner....and the sight was something out of my dreams..everywhere I looked were the bright yellow heads of pretty daffodils and tons of hyacinths in full bloom...which explained the fragrant smell. I could have stood there forever smelling and looking at that beautiful sight and it would have made such a pretty picture, too! I love the smell of fragrant flowers...especially after the winter we have been having. I am hoping this means spring cannot be far away....(I won't mention I heard a tidbit on the news of more snow coming..)

My next missed photo op was tonight when I took Dakotah to the mall for her dinner. We went through The Bay store and when we came out the mall doors into the mall, there was a group of young Chinese girls in bright, colorful attire. We stood and watched their performance, they are so talented and it was such a pretty show with their traditional bright garb on. They are with a dance troupe that will be performing at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver in April. I brought home a brochure so I could be sure and put their correct name in my post and of course I now cannot find it. I will add it to the post when it turns up. And now I am being summoned to help complete a project Dakotah and I started earlier today. I will delete something off that darned camera card so I can take a picture of our masterpiece when we are done!

Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who stopped by my blog today for Pink Saturday and left comments. I am working my way through the comment form and visiting your wonderful blogs as well but it might take me awhile as there is so much to see and enjoy on each of them! Thanks for stopping by mine!

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