Monday, January 19, 2009

Today is Monday...again...

Well, when I came upstairs this morning Jack Frost had visited the yard and cars on the street outside. Deep frost was covering just everything. The fog was swirling around but not nearly as dense as it has been of late. Nicci and the kids arrived early as she anticipated a long journey over here due to our main bridge being closed because of a fire late Saturday night. This is not good news for commuters or Wal-Mart shoppers like me as I am going to have a difficult time getting to the spot we like to hang out at some days because of the rerouted traffic on the bridge close to my home. Last I heard it could be 4 - 6 weeks to repair as a portion will need to be torn out. Of course this is Translink and government saying doubt it will be months in actual time.

Hubby took Dakotah to school this morning as he was going out to do some things anyways. As soon as she was out the door I gave Jaime his Christmas gift from "Auntie Retta". He really had a good time opening it and he really likes it. Auntie "Retta" finds the neatest toys....this latest is a set of stacking cards with raised figures of animals on them that have to be stacked in the correct order in which to fit back together, It kept Jaime amused for several minutes...I helped him and after each card fit properly he brought his hands up and yelled "yeah"! I took a few pictures of him opening his gift.

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Loretta said...

He's just the cutest little boy! I'm glad he liked his gift!