Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rain, Glorious Rain!!

The rain has started...dare I say "yeah"? After 25 days of hating the hill we live on, I am now thankful I live on a hill as the torential rain pounds down and melts all the horrible white stuff away. According to the news, there is massive flooding all over. Home Depot on Willingdon's parking lot has become a swimming pool apparently as well as any of the low lying areas. You still have to be very cautious moving around as the snow is now ice and a tow truck is sitting in residence in the Canadian Tire parking lot to tow out cars who are getting stuck in the piles of snow. We went out to McDonalds and made a short pit stop at the other mall in my quest to find gum boots or possibly hip waders if this continues. My feet must be awfully small although I wouldn't think so being a size 8 but everything I tried on could have held both my feet in one boot. Can you say Huge? We also couldn't walk past a Michaels store...no way...Dakotah is worse than I am about Michaels. We went in and found packages of gift tags for 89 cents....regularly 3.49 and they are quite nice. We also picked up a gingerbread house kit for 2.99 as little Missy wanted to make it so badly so perhaps that will be our project one day soon. I can see Jaime now... The last kid toys at McDonalds were My Little Pony's and we never managed to get the whole set. One day when we were in there a week or so ago and spoke to the manager and asked if we could buy the pink one when the promo was over. He said he would put the whole set away for us...however, not having been able to get down there recently I was sure it would be gone. I was very surprised and happy when I mentioned it to the clerk and she went in back and got the shift manager and they brought out the entire display and gave it to us. They only charged us for the ponies and not the boy toys as they didn't really want to take the thing apart so we have the complete set of boy mistika (whatever that is) toys as well. They are too old for Jaime as he tends to use them as weapons so will have to be put up until he is older. We had a nice little outting and managed to make it through the snow piles to get the truck back parked.

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Loretta said...

Yes, the rain is glorious. Whoever thought we'd be saying that? I was so happy when I went to bed last night and I could hear it pelting down on the skylight. It runs down our hill too and so far we don't have any flooding. I adore the rain. The bus stops are still absolutely atrocious. I wrote a real letter to the Mayor today.