Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This and That

Yesterday Dakotah and I managed to get to her little friend Ani's house...we haven't been for quite some time and we did not manage to get there prior to Christmas due to our inclement weather. I heard rumors that there is more snow in our forecast for Friday night, Saturday and Tuesday so before the hills become once again impassable, we trotted off to visit Ani. Her little brother is getting really big, he is 4 months old already and such a happy baby. And he has about 10 times as much hair as little Jaime....LOL... The girls had a lovely time and exchanged their Christmas gifts finally. Ani's Mom puts all her "special" dolls on the dresser still in their boxes and calls it her "collection"...I am not having much luck getting Ani a play doll as everything ends up in the collection. I found the cutest Hannah Montana dolls in a Barbie size that plays Rocking Around the Christmas Tree when you push a button...of course guess where Hannah is now located...on the dresser of course..LOL...but at least her Mom lets her push the song button and dance to the music!! As they have a large collectible collection of Elvis memorabilia (Ani's Dad is the collector) and due to the fact Jaime is a handful when I have him there, I had his Dad watch him so we could go. It worked well for us....and was much more relaxing.

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Loretta said...

Cute kids! Weren't the little girls cold in their sleeveless dresses? I gave up and had to wear a sweater yesterday. Big sigh. It's a bone chilling sort of cold...and it seems to be getting worse.