Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well it is kind of sort of Friday still...I haven't gone to bed yet so technically for me it is still Friday. I was very happy to see Friday. The day started well as Dakotah is now going to preschool three days a week and was very excited. Even more exciting, it wasn't raining, snowing and no hurricane force winds were blowing so we were able to walk up with relative ease. Before Christmas one of the local carpet sellers had a return on a special order carpet. It is child themed and very pretty in a bright royal blue with all kinds of kid stuff in pretty colors on it. Our preschool was the lucky recipient of the rug when the company decided to donate it to the New Westminster preschool programs. It replaced an awful very old one in the kids school room and was placed in the area they have story time. Well, when I arrived to pick up Dakotah today following school,she was sitting at one of the long tables in the room and not quite looking up...I pushed the stroller into the room and then had a good look at her and about had heart failure...the left side of her face looks like she has been in a boxing match with her eye half swollen shut, her cheek swollen and gouges in her skin on both cheek and eyelid. It turns out she ran across the pretty carpet and she was wearing her sneakers and I was told she tripped and fell hard face first onto a solid wood toy box by the wall that has big wooden blocks in it. The teacher came and explained what had happened and said they immediately got ice which remained on her face for the rest of the class. She also said she is a tough little thing. She had not melted down like most kids would. When I spoke to her about it later, her biggest problem with the entire accident was that she was embarrassed and also did not like all the attention she was getting as parents arrived to pick up the other children and saw her face! We came home and iced it some more and then she had a nap and felt better when she awoke. Never a dull moment around here! oh...and as a side the time Jaime and I went to pick up Dakotah it was once again raining...but we walked anyways...well I walked and Jaime was in the stroller and I gave him an umbrella to hold over himself. He did very well with it and did not get soaked at all. I heard on the news that the end of next week may have some sunshine...but as they don't seem to be able to predict the next day or two's weather with any amount of accuracy, I won't hold my breathe waiting for the sunny days that are predicted so many days away!!
I am going to attempt to attach a picture of a doll that recently caught my interest. Her name is Katie Effanbee and she is dressed in a lovely outfit made by debbiegdesigns on Ebay. She is a lovely seamstress and her dresses are so lovely.

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Loretta said...

I sure hope Missy is feeling much better today! I love your new dress for Katie; it's just darling. Congrats on posting again. I'm now a follower of your blog.