Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Night Fever

Well, it brings back memories in any case!! I am sad to say the fever went out of Saturday nights many decades ago. Some 30 odd years ago, though, Saturday nights were pretty fun. I was very fond of the disco era...and if I look really hard, I am sure I can even find the clothes from way back then in a suitcase in the storage cupboard somewhere. Platform shoes, I loved them...dresses that made you feel like a real girl and music that made you want to get up and move. To this day if I am in a store and hear the Bee Gee's singing Night Fever or How Deep is your Love or Yvonne Elliman belting out More than a Woman.....I am right back there on the dance floor and I stop and listen until the song finishes. I was fortunate to live in Honolulu in that era in a city that never slept with lots of clubs that were open until 4 am which came in handy when one was working afternoon shift and didn't finish work until 11 or 12 at night. On other nights we would go to the Hilton and watch a show band called the Fabulous Krush...their show room overlooked the ocean and was open air meaning not a lot of were a young band with a ton of potential. Their lead singer was a young man witha bunch of little children at home....I think it was 6... His name is Hal Bradbury and could he sing. They had a chart topper in the islands called Waialua Sky and another called Blame It on the Night... Edwin Ramones was the leader of the band and has put together a number of other Krush bands in the years since the Krush I once knew disolved. I have all their vinyl records and all are signed by the guys in the group. However I no longer have a record player so I went looking for a CD awhile back and found one on a website in Hawaii. When I listen to it I am transported to a very happy time in my life. The group eventually went on to become a main showroom act and became a lot less affordable for their local fans as prior to the move we could sit there all night for every set and just have a two drink minimum and no cover charge. Headline bands have cover charges and it becomes much more expensive to enjoy. Recently I heard they are doing 70's reunion shows at the Ala Moana Hotel in Honolulu on February 28, 2009 and some of the original Krush members are in one of the reunion bands. I would dearly like to have gone to the reunion show in February but short of winning the lottery that isn't happening and besides, I hear it was almost sold out prior to the ticket sales opening to the general public. I did have an opportunity to buy a presale ticket however I had no way to get there!! LOL Maybe another year... I found some file photo's on the Internet and will try and put a picture on of the group. Hopefully this does not annoy anyone for using them. I have literally thousands of my own pictures but they are regular photos and being scanner illiterate, I don't think I can get them on here. Also...Like the disco clothes, the photo albums of my "past life" are also hidden deep in the back of the storage cupboard..ahhh...memories...I wonder if I should also admit that somewhere in my vast collection of memories I also own a scrapbook of almost every newspaper clipping that was ever printed on this band...maybe I won't admit that part...haha...if I am fortunate enough and blessed to live to a ripe old age I will one day sit in my rocking chair with my CD blasting flipping through old photo albums and scrapbooks...aloha and mahalo Fabulous Krush for all of the wonderful memories.....

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