Monday, January 5, 2009


After more than 3 weeks of solid snow, ice and misery I am hoping the weatherman will be right for a change and the rains will miraculously appear...we will see...the current road situation is pretty grim with snow, ice and slush everywhere. Our car is parked across town after getting stuck last night on our way home from having dinner out. It was perfectly dry with clear streets when we left home so imagine our surprise to exit the restaurant and find 6 inches of fresh fallen snow and non-existant roads once again. I think the temperature is above freezing as there is now water dripping off of the roof so that is a good thing! School was on this morning so I tip toed through the slush and slime and made my way up the hill in my leaky useless boots and got the princess to her class...when I left there were only 2 out of the 9 registered present. It may be a light day for the teacher but at least Dakotah's best friend was the other child there. On a nicer note, I love movies I ordered while snow bound arrived today...great service! Now if I can ever figure out the DVD player maybe we can watch them:) I much prefered the plug in and play old and addled brain has problems comprehending the intricacies of the DVD granddaughter wonders if this is because I am "so old"....such a sweet child with a sweet way of putting things!

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Loretta said...

Linda, I love your snow photos. I know you hate the snow so much, but it really intrigues me. Being housebound has its benefits. I'm getting my piles cleaned up and I'm blogging each day and I just might sew this afternoon. I'm planning to bake a Dutch apple pie too. I replied to your post on my blog, regarding the doggie biscuits. I replied in my own blog.