Monday, January 19, 2009

An incredibly hot day at our local fair...Loretta and I eventually rocketed our way back to her house on an incredibly hot and over full BC transit experience I am not sure I want to repeat any time soon....the heat, the smells, the insanely driving bus driver who was driving an express bus which made stops? ummm.... In any case we finally made it to Loretta's where we sat in her peaceful and shaded back yard under a neat gadget she has called a "mister" that attaches to a garden hose and sprays very fine water on you making you cool off but not freeze! Not that we were freezing on that particular day as the temperature was amazingly hot for this neck of the woods...we are not a "happy medium" kind of town...our weather always seems to go to the extremes....
Spray pool fun!

Ice Cream on a warm day in Harrison Hot Springs, BC

One of my very favorite Princess photos. I think I saw this exact same princess (ie the person under the gown) on a commerical on TV the other night for Disneyland. She was the best Cinderella I had ever seen and I suspect they will try and keep her for a long time as she is so good and she also has a very patient way about her with the children....who can be very impatient, hot, tired, cranky etc...LOL


Loretta said...

I just love this photo. All the staff at Disneyland are superb.

Loretta said...

Linda, we sure do have weather extremes. The local fair day was in August, only 5 months ago. Yikes. Are you on a roll with me, trying to post the most in one year? LOL