Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SNOW FALL...the sequel part two

The snow seems to have stopped for now. We probably got 2 or 3 inches and much to my delight, the salt truck came a couple of times and the road is clean and bare. I hope this was our last snowfall of winter...although it is still only January so that might be too much to hope for! I got up at 4:30 and checked out the road out front and although there was snow coming down, the street was bare. When I arose a few hours later the street was covered. It doesn't seem to terribly cold out though. I was browsing through pictures earlier and found one that looks nice and warm and friendly...of course it is the happiest place on earth so I am going to post it here to remind us of what pretty flowers and sunshine looks like!


Loretta said...

Linda, that picture is gorgeous! Did you take it? It's lovely. We got 1" of snow, and it's nearly all gone. Whew.

Loretta said...

Linda, I've given you and your blog an award! Go to my place to pick it up.