Friday, January 30, 2009


Awhile back I purchased one share of Disney stock. It was something I have wanted to do for years yet one of those things I never quite got around to. I have a lovely certificate that would look lovely framed...if I can remember where exactly I put it!! Well yesterday I received a dividend check in the is for .24 cents...too funny...but it is .24 US cents...haha. Today I received an invitation to the shareholder meeting on March 10, 2009. Really, really, too funny...I guess every share counts! I will not be attending the share holder meeting however I will send in my proxy votes as soon as I do a little research on the issues presented!

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Loretta said...

You're going to get RICH at this rate! How cute! I love your new blog banner. You've inspired me to change mine. Yours is just darling.